Bayou Graphics Launches Graphic Design Service for Wall Surfaces

Bayou Graphics Corp.,

Bayou Graphics Corp

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2022 / — Bayou Graphics, a well-known graphic design company, has recently launched a graphic design service for commercial and residential wall surfaces. The graphics are customizable, designed by experts in collaboration with customers, and can be anything from life-like images, animations, and art, to plain words and numbers. Due to their high visibility, they are great for attracting the attention of passersby and promoting brand and business.

The service provides multiple designs, print, and installation options for a range of different surfaces. For interior wall decoration, Bayou offers custom-printed interior wall graphics that produce graphics of custom design and size. These graphics can be made to fit the size of entire walls and are perfect for changing or altering the interior of a room. They can be used in gyms, shops, and other business spaces to highlight powerful graphics for brand or product marketing. Custom decals offer smaller and simpler variations of interior wall graphics. This option is more suitable for designing simpler graphics and smaller prints.

Custom printed floor graphics are designed to be applied on floors. They are made to be tough and durable, and don’t easily come off. Tile graphics are specifically made to be applied on tile walls. Custom printed wall graphics can be applied to a variety of surfaces including brick, block, concrete, wood, and siding. Their versatility gives them the advantage of being displayable on external walls with incredible visibility. They can be used as banners for effective advertising campaigns.

Design for window graphics comes in a multitude of options. From custom graphics for lettering, decals, perforated vinyl storefront signs, and clear window decals, to etched glass decals and letters, these can be used for decorating store windows in a variety of ways.

During the launch, the company’s owner said, “Graphics is a powerful tool for promoting brand identity. Captivating graphics with complementary color themes give life and character to a business that customers remember and associate the business with. When we combine this with our expertise in graphic design, we present our customers with whole new opportunities to market and promote their brand identity.”

About Bayou Graphics: Bayou Graphics is a Houston interior graphics company that designs and prints graphics for use in signages, interior walls, store frontages, windows, vehicles, and other surfaces for businesses as well as private customers. Their graphics have been used by prominent companies such as Bud Light, General Electric, Dunkin’ Donuts, Coca-Cola, Amazon, AT&T, Chevrolet, and others.

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