90’s kids say this $15 gadget is their ‘absolute favorite purchase of the year’

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If you're an Apple Watch owner who was also a 90s kid, we have the perfect accessory for you.  (Source: Amazon)

If you’re an Apple Watch owner who was also a 90s kid, we have the perfect accessory for you. (Source: Amazon)

Keeping up with all of the adult responsibilities we’re saddled with can make us yearn for the past when everything was simpler, especially technology. Sometimes it seems like kids nowadays are covered head to toe with fancy, touchscreen gadgets. True 90s kids can remember the clunky, funky-colored technology at the turn of the century.

If you’re looking for a fun way to remember your childhood while still maintaining all of the responsibilities required of adulthood, then you need to check this nostalgic Apple Watch stand, which is shaped just like the video game console’s 90s kids fondly remember playing.

Can you believe that this total blast from the past is only $15?

This Apple Watch stand is compatible with all models, making it perfect for anyone who has one.  (Source: Amazon)

This Apple Watch stand is compatible with all models, making it perfect for anyone who has one. (Source: Amazon)

$15.99 at Amazon

Start and end each day with a healthy dose of nostalgia with this unique Apple Watch stand. It’s compatible with every Apple Watch and is even compatible with the original Apple Watch charger.

It’s super simple to use, and it’ll look so cool on your bedside table. Once it’s all set up, all you have to do is place your Apple Watch on this stand and let it charge. The material of this stand is flexible and scratch-resistant silicone, which prevents damage to your Apple Watch.

Still not sure about it? Then go ahead and read what this shopper had to say about this Apple Watch stand in their five-star review:

“My absolute favorite purchase of the year. My watch fits perfectly, no matter the band that I’m using. Plus, look at it, it’s ADORABLE. The 90’s kid in me is so happy when I put my phone to charge every night. Excellent purchase.”

This nostalgic Apple Watch stand is currently priced at just under $16 on Amazon right now. Just be sure to grab one before all of the other 90s kids get to them first!

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Sports & Outdoors:

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10 Best tech gadget gifts to buy under $25 » Gadget Flow

Need to buy a bunch of gifts this summer? You don’t have to go over budget. Just check out today’s roundup of gadget gifts under $25.

So your sibling’s birthday, parents’ anniversary, and best friend’s graduation party are all in the same month? Only tech can help with gifts that are both impressive and affordable. And these tech gadget gifts under $25 are just what you—and your recipients—have in mind.

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Everyone loves a power bank. And the ZMI PowerPack 10K costs just $19.99 but packs a 10,000 mAh battery and wide compatibility.

Then, you can’t go wrong with a sleek Bluetooth speaker like the Anker SoundCore Mini. It lets your recipient take their favorite tunes anywhere and costs you only $24.99.

Give gifts your friends and family will love—without overspending—when you go for the suggestions on this list.

1. The ZMI PowerPack 10K charges a bunch of devices. It works with iPhones, iPads, Fitbits, Kindles, Bluetooth headphones, and more.

10 Best tech gadget gifts to buy under $25
ZMI PowerPack 10K at a workspace

Give portable power with the ZMI PowerPack 10K. Winner of a Red Dot Design Award, it packs a 10,000 mAh battery and offers Quick Charge 2.0 support. Best of all, it works with a range of devices.

Get it for $19.99 on Amazon.

2. The Wyze Room Sensor eliminates hot and cold spots in your home. Then, it saves your loved one’s money by prioritizing the rooms in use.

10 Best tech gadget gifts to buy under $25
Wyze Room Sensor on a wall

Excellent value for money, the Wyze Room Sensor works with your giftee’s thermostat to balance the temperature around their home. Then, the Motion-Sensing Comfort mode ensures the climate control happens in only rooms they’re actually in.

Get it for $24.99 on the official website.

3. The Belkin Wemo Smart Plug with Thread turns any traditional outlet into a smart one, giving your recipient remote control over lamps, security cameras, and more.

Belkin Wemo Smart Plug
Belkin Wemo Smart Plug with Thread in an outlet

Make your friend’s home smarter with the Belkin Wemo Smart Plug with Thread. It works with an iPhone, Wemo Stage, iPad, or Siri, letting them switch appliances on and off when they’re away from home. For this reason, it’s one of the best tech gadget gifts under $25.

Get it for $24.99 on Amazon.

4. The ROCCAT Syn Buds Core wired gaming earbuds are great for mobile gaming. Even better, they work with all devices and have a mic.

ROCCAT Syn Buds Core
ROCCAT Syn Buds Core in use

Is your recipient into mobile gaming? They’ll appreciate the ROCCAT Syn Buds Core wired gaming earbuds. These earbuds offer precision sound on all devices, while the 10 mm driver units deliver audio optimized for gaming. There’s even an in-line mic.

Get them for $24.99 on Amazon.

5. The Satechi C1 USB-C Wired Mouse lets your loved one get started with work quickly and is compatible with both right- and left-handed users.

10 Best tech gadget gifts to buy under $25
Satechi C1 USB-C Wired Mouse with a laptop

Everyone appreciates a good mouse,

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Graphic Design

Best monitors for graphic design of 2022

Published Jun 10, 2022 11:00 AM

Just as every great design contains a gestalt of rhythm, harmony, color, and form, the best monitors for graphic design unify disparate qualities and features, that sum up to become a perfectly honed tool for creation. In one day a modern graphic designer might tweak a web icon in Illustrator, adjust a RAW photo’s color palette in Photoshop, prepare a brochure for CMYK print in Indesign, and add type to a 3D animated TV advert. It might be surprising to the uninitiated, but these different tasks will often demand different color spaces and screen specializations, some of which most regular computer monitors wouldn’t be able to touch: queue graphic design monitors.

Top monitors for graphic design do a great job with accurate colors in a wide color space so that you don’t have to speculate as to how a T-shirt will look when it comes back from the printer. Their screens get bright enough so that lighter colors will pop and darker colors will recede into true blacks while lighting up uniformly without flicker. Great monitors for graphic design will also be highly detailed, with resolutions above HD, so that you can’t distinguish individual pixels with the naked eye. Most design monitors are also large, with generous accuracy across viewing angles, and good connectivity.

If you’re looking for an impeccable monitor for graphic design, it’s all about control. The best monitors for graphic design are well-honed tools that give you the control to take mastery over your vision, and these are our picks:

How we chose the best monitors for graphic design

As a digital artist and graphic designer myself, I love it when large projects take me into the weeds. Whether I’m matching a color from Photoshop swatches to a Sherwin Williams color book to determine what color we should paint an exhibit wall or I’m restoring photographs to incorporate into slides, it always comes down to the details. When I bought my last laptop, I spent about a month scouring the internet comparing screen quality, so when writing this list I wanted to make sure that I did the topic justice. I researched numerous monitors from leading manufacturers, taking into consideration professional reviews, peer suggestions, and user impressions, and then comparing the specs to classics and brand new models alike. I outlined some of the criteria I looked for below: 

Color accuracy is the central issue in a good monitor for graphic design. Mastery of any art form requires strong intuition phrased against precise sensitivity and, much as a chef with a bad thermometer could undercook the roast duck, a digital designer that’s using a monitor with bad color accuracy will get imprecise prints. Color accuracy is affected by lots of variables, including consistency, gamut, and bit depth. But one of the first metrics to find when assessing a screen is its Delta E metric (ΔE <X), which measures the difference between two colors in a quantified color space—generally, the CIEDE2000. This

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4 Cool New Gadgets to Keep on Your Radar

For more of the latest and greatest product releases, check out our full collection of the best new gear.

This week, there was a lot of news in the world of tech. There were fresh rumors that a GoPro could be working on its first-ever 360-degree action camera. Master & Dynamic partnered with Mercedes-Benz on some custom headphones and wireless earbuds. And Apple announced a new super secure Lockdown mode that will be coming to iPhones, Macs and iPads this fall.

Additionally, quite a few gadgets were also announced. Check out some of the coolest below.

Beyerdynamic Free Byrd

beyerdynamic free byrd ear buds


Beyerdynamic, the German hi-fi company, has just announced its first-ever pair of wireless earbuds. The company’s Free Byrd costs $249 and promises excellent sound quality. Uniquely, the work with a companion app that can give you a hearing test and then adjust the sound quality depending on your hearing profile. The Free Byrd supports other premium features such as active noise-cancellation and transparency modes, as well as a case that supports wireless charging. They are available now in two finishes: black or gray.

Prices: $249


Amazon Fire 7

amazon fire 7 tablets


Amazon announced its next-generation Fire tablets, the Fire 7 ($60) and Fire 7 Kids ($110), in mid-May, but they finally started shipping this week. The new tablets are great affordable options just like their predecessors, the Fire 6 and Fire 6 Kids, but the new models have double the RAM and around 40-percent longer battery life.

Prices: $60+


PSB Passive 50 Loudspeakers

psb passive 50 loudspeakers


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, PSB has announced the Passif 50. They are passive stand-mounted loudspeakers look similar and pay homage to the company’s Passif II loudspeakers that were first released in 1974. However, PSB completely updated the guts of the Passif 50 — new tweeter, new woofer and passive radiator — so that they meet the acoustics standards of PSB’s modern high-end speakers. You’ll be able to preorder these vintage-inspired speakers this August.

Prices: $2,499



hydro wave workout machine


Hydrow has announced lighter, smaller and more affordable version of its original Hydrow rowing workout machine. The all-new Wave is $1,000 cheaper, roughly 40 pounds lighter and comes with a smaller display (22″ vs 43″) — it’s designed for people with tighter budgets or have tighter space constraints. Other than that, the Wave has basically all the same capabilities.

Prices: $1,495


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6 New Gadgets to Keep on Your Radar

For more of the latest and greatest product releases, check out our full collection of the best new gear.

This week, Google rolled out a big update and redesign to Google News — here’s how to try it (and chance it back if you don’t like it). Ikea launched out a new virtual design tool that lets you see how its furniture will look in your house before you buy. If you have a Fitbit, there’s a new Sleep Profile feature that characterizes you as a cartoon animal based on how you sleep.

Additionally, there were a bunch of new gadgets that were announced (and released), too. Here’s what you need to know.

Master & Dynamic MW75


Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic announced its newest flagship noise-cancelling headphones, the MW75, which are the direct successor to the 2019-released MW65 — and they’re a big change. They have a new design, a ton of improved features (including adaptive noise-cancellation and support for a companion app) and a hefty new $599 price tag. They are one of the most expensive pairs of noise-cancelling headphones out there, but they are also one of the best and most beautiful. They will be available for purchase in several different finishes on June 28.

Read our review of the M&D MW75, here.

Prices: $599


Moment Anamorphic Lens Adapter

camera lens


Moment, a company best known for its mobile photography accessories, announced an anamorphic lens adapter for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. It easily screws into the filter thread of any of your camera’s lenses and turns it into an 1.33x anamorphic lens. If you’re a photographer looking a larger picture with mesmeric flare that anamorphic lens are known for, this is what you want.

Moment launched the Anamorphic Lens Adapter on Kickstarter. The “early bird” pledges can order it for $999 and it’s expected to ship this December. When it goes fully retail, it’s expected to cost $1,299.

    Prices: $999+


    RiotPWR Mobile Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition)

    xbox controller


    RiotPWR and Xbox have teamed up to create an Xbox edition controller designed to allow you to play Xbox games (via Xbox Cloud Gaming) on ​​your iPhone. The controller is identical to the latest Xbox controllers, but with a mount and Lightning connector to hold and charge your iPhone while you play. It’s available for preorder now, with an official release slated for August 1.

    Prices: $63


    Anker Soundcore Sport X10



    The Soundcore Sport X10 are ear-hook style wireless earbuds, meaning that they wrap around your ears to better grip and stay in place. There aren’t that many of these ear-hook style wireless earbuds out there, admittedly, with Beats’s $200 Powerbeats Pro being the most well known. However, at just $79, the Soundcore Sport X10 is a significantly more affordable alternative.

    Prices: $79


    Twelve South HiRise3

    wireless charging port for phone, watch, and airpods

    Twelve South

    The HiRise3 is the company’s newest 3-in-1 charger for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (any model with a wireless charging case).

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