AN Programming Note – Athletics Nation

Hi Athletics Nation,

Many of you have probably noticed in the comments that our AN leader for just about as long as I can remember, Alex Hall, has been laid off by Vox. Alex acted as the manager and editor of AN, providing guidance on posts and organizing the daily/weekly articles the rest of us would write. Without his presence, we, the other authors of AN, have been thrown in complete disarray.

This is a conflicting time for many of us. We would like to support Alex and don’t want to let Vox take advantage of the rest of us to simply pick up the slack, but we also don’t want to leave the AN community floundering.

We’re not yet sure how this will all evolve. We’ll try to get a skeleton set of articles up to keep the community engaged while we figure this out, but it isn’t going to be anything like normal for now.

This is a sad development, but hangs in there while we try to figure this out. If anyone else wants to step up to help keep our A’s fan community alive, please feel free to reach out to us — your ideas and efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Cody, Connor, Daniel, Nico & Wally