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22 directors and 22 coordinators are involved in facilitation of the 2022 exams. The National Assessment and Examinations Center hosted directors and coordinators of the examination facilities to discuss the most recent updates concerning the upcoming exams. In parallel with the Unified National Exams in 2022, the National Assessment and Examinations Center can also be conducting a Common Master’s Degree Exam and a Student Grant Competition. The heart may even conduct the Subject/Professional Skills/Senior Special Teacher Examinations. All centers are geared up with a cooling system and all the necessary infrastructure.


In this episode he chats in regards to the first comprehensive study on advert hoc transactions. Adelphi is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation —extensively considered the highest teaching program-specific accreditation within the United States. The assembly focused on the examination procedures, registration points, as well as the recommendations that the examinees should think about both earlier than and in the course of the exams. At the open-door day, the entrants received comprehensive information about the Georgian language coaching program. The National Assessment and Examinations Center has chosen, educated and re-skilled the supervisors who, along with other workers of the Center, will manage the method on the spot in the examination facilities.

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Administrators-coordinators, IT managers, assistants and different technical employees have also been appointed. All the computer systems that shall be used for the 2022 exams were tested and equipped with a special program. The National Assessment and Examinations Center is actively getting Business News ready for the exams 2022. Twenty two examination centers throughout Georgia have already been selected, geared up and are prepared for hosting the upcoming exams.