Camping Gadgets to Buy: Cool Products to Take on Your Outdoor Adventure

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We live in a world that is constantly in flux—evolving, adjusting, devolving, readingjusting. So it only makes sense that in this modern world, you’d naturally need camping gadgets in order to disconnect from your day-to-day fill with, well, gadgets. We love to go camping to get away from the rigamarole of our daily lives, to connect with nature and crack hard seltzers at 11am. Some of us like to turn off our phones and yearn to discover our more primal selves. And that’s wonderful… for some. But if your version of inner peace isn’t achieved by leaving your phone behind, then you should naturally bring something that can charge your phone in the woods—and any other tech that makes sense for you.

We think the best way to camp is the way that makes you feel the most happy and at peace. Modern camping gear has made leaps and bounds when it comes to the devices we can employ to make us feel more comfortable, safe, and relaxed in the wilderness. And even those who aren’t looking to charge their phones could benefit from a high-tech camp stove or a cleverly designed headlamp. To wit, we found eight amazing tech products for camping that will only enhance your experience off the grid, so you can spend more time telling stories with friends around the fire and less time looking for new batteries for that burnt out headlamp.

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22 Cool Kitchen Gadgets 2022

22 cool kitchen gadgets


There’s an archetype depiction of chefs in TV or movies that’s more idealist than realistic. They’re often slightly disheveled, and like to show up unannounced to a tense dinner table to serve their what seems like spontaneously made, yet amazingly tasty stir-fry. Then, the table quarrel stops, and the topic instantly changes to “How did you manage to make this so crunchy?” or “What did you use to cook this?” The chef smiles, and happily answers with a list of kitchen gadgets that made it all easier.

This type of chef knows exactly what they’re doing. They know they can make everyone happy with their craft, but they can’t do it without the help of the best kitchen gadgets. That’s why they stock up on smart must haves—air fryer, sous vide, cast iron skillet, or just a seriously good Japanese knife—to give their meals substance, make them a better cook, and oh, to always have the perfect conversation starter .

As for who the chef is, they could be a wise abuela, a white-haired Michelin star holder, a young social media personality, or even you in real life. And if you’re the chef of your home who can’t live without constant cooking access, then you’ll also be needing the best kitchen gadgets and tools just like the chef you see on screen. Ahead, we’ve got 22 of the coolest kitchen gadgets below—from splurge-worthy appliances to easy accessories—that’ll make every meal you cook worthy of a “how did you do it?” conversations.

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Nano Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Here’s how a sous vide (“sue-veed”) works: you vacuum-seal your food—poultry, fish, vegetables, red meat, anything—then put it in a pot of water along with the device, select your desired temperature, then walk away to, IDK, cure cancer, solve the The Chicago Tylenol, or run for presidency, then walk back to perfectly—yes, perfectly—done and dusted food.

This oil dispenser set went viral for a reason: It’s too good. The oil pump mister or sprayer helps even out the coverage and prevents you from over-pouring. Next, the dispenser bottle comes in clutch during those “one tsp of oil” or “two tbsp of oil” recipe moments. And both have a measuring reservoir at the top. Portion control, people.

Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

For the grill master, this smart accessory sticks into your rotisserie chicken or lamp chop and probes the internal temperature, ensuring your every bite thereafter is utterly satisfying and Salmonella-free. And it’s completely wireless—the first of its kind.

Beast Blender + Hydration System

For those who like blending up fresh produce for creamy smoothies or healthy juices in the morning, or blending up margaritas once returning home from work, this Esquire Gadget Awards winning blender will really, really blends. A smart speed instinct aside, it’s also got an ice-crushing force for your forgotten-to-defrost ingredients.

$730 at Food52

If there’s ever a 12-in-one pressure cooker born into old money, it’s Vermicular’s Musui-Kamado. It combines a cast iron craft in

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4 Cool New Gadgets to Keep on Your Radar

For more of the latest and greatest product releases, check out our full collection of the best new gear.

This week, there was a lot of news in the world of tech. There were fresh rumors that a GoPro could be working on its first-ever 360-degree action camera. Master & Dynamic partnered with Mercedes-Benz on some custom headphones and wireless earbuds. And Apple announced a new super secure Lockdown mode that will be coming to iPhones, Macs and iPads this fall.

Additionally, quite a few gadgets were also announced. Check out some of the coolest below.

Beyerdynamic Free Byrd

beyerdynamic free byrd ear buds


Beyerdynamic, the German hi-fi company, has just announced its first-ever pair of wireless earbuds. The company’s Free Byrd costs $249 and promises excellent sound quality. Uniquely, the work with a companion app that can give you a hearing test and then adjust the sound quality depending on your hearing profile. The Free Byrd supports other premium features such as active noise-cancellation and transparency modes, as well as a case that supports wireless charging. They are available now in two finishes: black or gray.

Prices: $249


Amazon Fire 7

amazon fire 7 tablets


Amazon announced its next-generation Fire tablets, the Fire 7 ($60) and Fire 7 Kids ($110), in mid-May, but they finally started shipping this week. The new tablets are great affordable options just like their predecessors, the Fire 6 and Fire 6 Kids, but the new models have double the RAM and around 40-percent longer battery life.

Prices: $60+


PSB Passive 50 Loudspeakers

psb passive 50 loudspeakers


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, PSB has announced the Passif 50. They are passive stand-mounted loudspeakers look similar and pay homage to the company’s Passif II loudspeakers that were first released in 1974. However, PSB completely updated the guts of the Passif 50 — new tweeter, new woofer and passive radiator — so that they meet the acoustics standards of PSB’s modern high-end speakers. You’ll be able to preorder these vintage-inspired speakers this August.

Prices: $2,499



hydro wave workout machine


Hydrow has announced lighter, smaller and more affordable version of its original Hydrow rowing workout machine. The all-new Wave is $1,000 cheaper, roughly 40 pounds lighter and comes with a smaller display (22″ vs 43″) — it’s designed for people with tighter budgets or have tighter space constraints. Other than that, the Wave has basically all the same capabilities.

Prices: $1,495


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