Should You Buy Smart Home Gadgets on Prime Day?

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Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale returns July 12-13, and some deals are already live in the run-up to the event. Not surprisingly, that includes a smattering of deals on Echo speakers and other Amazon devicesa few of which are already marked down to all-time lows.

If you’re an avid Alexa user interested in expanding the assistant’s footprint throughout your home, then you’ll obviously want to give those deals a look, but other smart home manufacturers are likely to be in the mix, too. from smart lights to robot vacuumsit’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to find Prime Day discounts across a variety of categories, and competing retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target figure to be in the mix with smart home sales of their own, too.

That said, as far as smart home gadgets are concerned, the absolute best discounts of the year typically come in November, when Black Friday unleashes a flood of deals at holiday shoppers. Your best bet is to save any major purchases for then — but Prime Day can still be a great time to expand your smart home setup with a new device or two, or to try out something completely different. Here’s what you should know as you shop.

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Prime Day pickings are slimmer than Black Friday

Don’t get me wrong, we’re definitely going to see discounted smart home tech for Prime Day, and some of those deals might indeed be pretty tempting. You can already find good deals on smart plugs, smart displays, self-emptying robot vacuums and more, many of which bring the prices of those products down to the lowest levels we’ve seen all year.

Historically, however, the best sales of the year come closer to the holiday buying season — specifically, on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday at the end of November. Simply put, there’s a much, much greater number of shoppers ready to spend; in turn, that means a much greater number of manufacturers pulling out all of the stops to compete for your dollar.

On top of that, your Prime Day pickings are going to lean heavily toward the Amazon side of things, with many of the best discounts reserved for echo speakers and other Alexa-compatible devices. It isn’t all Alexa, though. Echo stuff aside, a good number of those third-party devices will work in Google Assistant smart homes and in some cases Apple HomeKit smart homes, too. Meanwhile, other retailers like Best Buy and Target working to counter-program Amazon with summertime sales of their own might provide some additional variety among brands and devices. Still, for the most part, Prime Day’s smart home deals are always going to skew toward Alexa. Maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for — but maybe it isn’t.

In the end,

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This $20 TikTok home gadget is seriously genius

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Simplify your home and your life with this home device outlet for $20.  (Source: Getty Commercial)

Simplify your home and your life with this home device outlet for $20. (Source: Getty Commercial)

We can’t seem to stop finding things to buy on TikTok, and this $20 gadget is truly taking the cake for handiness and affordability. The LoraTap Mini Remote Control Outlet has the power to make any device you plug in remote-controlled. This amazing gadget is truly a game changer. Now you won’t always have to get up to turn a lamp on and off; you simply press the button on the included remote insted. Plus, this gem of a product is on Amazon for just $20.


From laptops to fans to lamps, plug everything into this LoraTap outlet.  (Source: Amazon)

From laptops to fans to lamps, plug everything into this LoraTap outlet. (Source: Amazon)

$19.99 at Amazon

The LoraTap Outlet is making its rounds on TikTok as one user, @julianna_claire posted how she uses it in her home. Why simplify only one home appliance when you could do it for all of them. You can probably see why this gadget is going viral. This mini remote makes being a little lazy now and then a lot easier.

Setting up the LoraTap Mini Remote Control Outlet is simple. Setup is wireless and only requires you to remove the adhesives and stick the base to whatever wall or surface you would like it to be. The remote sticks directly to the base using built-in magnets.

The mini remote features a simple power button to control whatever device you choose to plug into the LoraTap outlet. It’s compatible with a wide range of home appliances such as laptops, TVs, lamps, routers and fans. All of these devices can now be controlled with the touch of a button.

The ratings are incredible

The LoraTap Mini Remote Control Outlet isn’t just loved by TikTokers. On its Amazon page, it boasts 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 400 ratings. Read what one verified purchaser said,

“Works really well. I’ve bought other brands that don’t work every time […] So far this one has worked every time on the first press. It also takes up a smaller amount of space on the receptacle than other brands, so you have room to plug something else into the other receptacle. I like it enough that I’m considering buying more.”

Are you ready for things to be a little easier? Then go ahead and simplify your home and your life for just $20 today.

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Home Improvements:

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