The Secret to Longevity? Here Are 7 Health Tech Gadgets That Can Help

In a world submerged by economic, social and ecological crises, health emerges as the number one priority for people. Everyday life has become so stressful that it takes its toll on our well-being.To stay alert and in sync with everything, we are glued to our phones, making plugging off a real mission. Physical activity is a real struggle.

Luckily for us, there’s also a whole branch of technology, helping us navigate this rugged terrain. The Recursive compiled a list of 7 health tech gadgets developed in Southeast Europe with a mission – to take better care of our bodies and minds. From wristbands, to headbands and glasses, these health tech gadgets aim to help us understand our hearts, brains and needs better, in order to lead a better life.

Health tech gadgets developed in Southeast Europe

Name: Zeit Medical

Year of founding: 2019

Headquarters: California, United States

Founders: Orestis Vardoulis and Urs Naber

What it does: The company developed a headband for people to wear while sleeping. The wearable monitors the impulses of their brain. The software analyzes those impulses and it can detect a few hours early if a stroke or seizure will happen. It is advised to be worn by patients prone to neurological injuries.

The band can be set to call for help as soon as possible if even the smallest danger is detected. The latest round of investmentin total of 1.8M was raised by American VCs SeedtoB and Digilife in 2021.


Year of founding: 2015

Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria

Founders: Aleksandar Dimitrov, Branislav Nikolic

What it does: The company developed glasses which project blue light for 20-30 minutes, imitating natural sunlight, improving the human internal body clock. The specific light sends signals to the brain, through the retina, and then makes changes in the creation of the sleeping hormone – melatonin. Users experience better sleep, boosted energy levels and reduced jet lag effects in a natural way. The goAYO app provides personalized therapy, with science-based guidance, to help customers reach their goals for a healthier lifestyle. When downloading the app, they complete a simple test which helps the software get an idea of ​​the body’s usual rhythm, the unique wake/sleep cycle, and from then on it makes recommendations for changes in their routine.Their latest round of investment is 190K in total, and was raised by Eleven Ventures.

Name: SparkVision

Year of founding: 2021

Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria

Founders: Ilko Simeonov and Ivan Tsvetkov

What it does: Glasses with bluetooth connection and installed camera to help visually impaired people orientate better when outside, but also read text and call a friend, if needed. The little speakers on the glasses enable people to hear the text they had scanned before with the glasses’ camera. It uses a specific software, available both in English and Bulgarian.

Name: ECG for Everybody

Year of founding: 2016

Headquarters: Novi Sad, Serbia


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