90’s kids say this $15 gadget is their ‘absolute favorite purchase of the year’

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If you're an Apple Watch owner who was also a 90s kid, we have the perfect accessory for you.  (Source: Amazon)

If you’re an Apple Watch owner who was also a 90s kid, we have the perfect accessory for you. (Source: Amazon)

Keeping up with all of the adult responsibilities we’re saddled with can make us yearn for the past when everything was simpler, especially technology. Sometimes it seems like kids nowadays are covered head to toe with fancy, touchscreen gadgets. True 90s kids can remember the clunky, funky-colored technology at the turn of the century.

If you’re looking for a fun way to remember your childhood while still maintaining all of the responsibilities required of adulthood, then you need to check this nostalgic Apple Watch stand, which is shaped just like the video game console’s 90s kids fondly remember playing.

Can you believe that this total blast from the past is only $15?

This Apple Watch stand is compatible with all models, making it perfect for anyone who has one.  (Source: Amazon)

This Apple Watch stand is compatible with all models, making it perfect for anyone who has one. (Source: Amazon)

$15.99 at Amazon

Start and end each day with a healthy dose of nostalgia with this unique Apple Watch stand. It’s compatible with every Apple Watch and is even compatible with the original Apple Watch charger.

It’s super simple to use, and it’ll look so cool on your bedside table. Once it’s all set up, all you have to do is place your Apple Watch on this stand and let it charge. The material of this stand is flexible and scratch-resistant silicone, which prevents damage to your Apple Watch.

Still not sure about it? Then go ahead and read what this shopper had to say about this Apple Watch stand in their five-star review:

“My absolute favorite purchase of the year. My watch fits perfectly, no matter the band that I’m using. Plus, look at it, it’s ADORABLE. The 90’s kid in me is so happy when I put my phone to charge every night. Excellent purchase.”

This nostalgic Apple Watch stand is currently priced at just under $16 on Amazon right now. Just be sure to grab one before all of the other 90s kids get to them first!

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Space-saving entertainment gadgets you’ll love

Looking for home theater tech that doesn’t overcrowd your living area? From a portable projector to a speaker that lies on any side, these gadgets save space.

Live in a studio apartment or student housing? You can still set up a decent theater despite the small area. And these are the space-saving entertainment gadgets that can help. Get them to enjoy your content without overcrowding your space.

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For instance, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 works as both a monitor and a smart TV. That way, you need to buy only one gadget to fulfill both uses.

Then, dorm dwellers will appreciate the Razer Kishi V2. Much smaller than a full PC gaming rig, it lets you relax with handheld games after class or on the weekends.

Stay entertained, no matter your space, with the compact gadgets below.

1. The Amazon All-new Fire 7 tablet has a faster quad-core processor, displaying content with more responsive playback and gameplay.

Amazon All new Fire 7 tablet
Watching a show on the Amazon All-new Fire 7

Watch, read, play, and listen on the Amazon All-new Fire 7 tablet. Its quad-core processor is 30% faster. You also get a 10-hour battery life, up to 1 TB of expandable storage, and microSD connectivity.

Get it for $59.99 on Amazon.

2. The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 works as both a monitor and a smart TV, helping you get more out of one entertainment gadget.

These tech gadgets can entertain you without taking up much space
Samsung Smart Monitor M8 in a kitchen

Save space at home with the Samsung Smart Monitor M8. It’s just 11.4 mm thick and has a sleek flat back. It also works as a smart TV and a hub for Samsung SmartThings devices.

Get it for $729.99 on the official website.

3. The Sonos Roam SL portable speaker sits on any side, letting you optimize the audio depending on your environment’s shape and size.

These tech gadgets can entertain you without taking up much space
Sonos Roam SL in black

Regardless of your room’s shape or size, you can enjoy great audio from the Sonos Roam SL portable speaker. That’s because you can lay it both vertically and horizontally. Moreover, it delivers clear audio and up to 10 hours of battery life, making it one of our favorite space-saving entertainment gadgets.

Get it for $159 on the official website.

4. The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini AX soundbar system magnifies your sound but is just 15″ long, saving you space under the TV.

Polk Audio MagniFi Mini AX soundbar system
Polk Audio MagniFi Mini AX on furniture

Who says a soundbar has to span the length of your entertainment center? The Polk Audio MagniFi Mini AX soundbar system doesn’t. At just 15″ long, it’s quite compact. But it’s still immersive with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Polk SDA 3D Audio technology.

Get it for $499 on the official website.

5. The Positive Grid Spark MINI portable smart amp is great for guitarists living in small apartments. The Smart Jam tech is a cool feature, too.

Positive Grid Spark MINI YouTube video

Take multidimensional sound to any gig or

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Graphic Design

Two ODU Graphic Design Students Win National ADDY Awards « News @ ODU

By Jonah Grinkewitz

Two Old Dominion University graphic design students won national ADDYs in the student division of the American Advertising Awards.

Stephanie Marx, a spring graduate, won silver for her “Banana Ketchup Packaging” design created in a typographic design class at ODU.

Sekoyah McGlorn, a rising senior, won silver for her cover redesign of George Saunders’ political satire novella, “The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil.”

They received their awards at ADMERICA, the American Advertising Federation’s national conference, on June 3 at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee.

To make it to the national level, their designs had to medal in local and regional ADDY competitions.

“The fact that their work made it through these three steps is quite a feat,” said Ivanete Blanco, associate professor of graphic design at ODU. “This recognition increases the profile of the program and it’s a rarity to have a student receive a national ADDY. We are so proud of them both.”

After graduating, Marx started a job as a graphic designer for MGM International.

“My time at ODU prepared me so much for my professional career,” she said. “I utilized my professors and took the time to push my undergrad projects to a higher level, and I used my summers for internships as well as taking time to gain experience during the school year.”

She came up with the idea for her packaging design after researching banana ketchup – a popular fruit ketchup in the Philippines that is dyed red to resemble tomato ketchup.

“I was excited to take a product that was common in another country and display it as something exciting on US shelves,” Marx said.

Since banana ketchup was first produced during WWII, she used ration stamp ephemera as inspiration for the bold type, contained spaces and distressed patterning and structure of her design.

“Stephanie’s work is always well-researched and considered,” said David Shields, associate professor of graphic design and Marx’s typographic design teacher. “At the same time, she consistently demonstrates a great sense of humor and empathy and has a knack for matching visual style to the demands of a particular problem.”

In her redesign of Saunders’ abstract political novella, McGlorn chose to reduce the citizen characters of the book down to bits and pieces of flesh. She reimagined Phil, a character who manipulates his way into becoming a dictator, as a monstrous hammer ready to bring down his wrath.

“Usually when you read a book, you can picture it in your head, but in this book, you are forced to interpret many of the visuals for yourself,” she said. “The strange and fantastical world gave me a lot of freedom to interpret the characters the way I wanted.”

McGlorn said working

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