Camping Gadgets to Buy: Cool Products to Take on Your Outdoor Adventure

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We live in a world that is constantly in flux—evolving, adjusting, devolving, readingjusting. So it only makes sense that in this modern world, you’d naturally need camping gadgets in order to disconnect from your day-to-day fill with, well, gadgets. We love to go camping to get away from the rigamarole of our daily lives, to connect with nature and crack hard seltzers at 11am. Some of us like to turn off our phones and yearn to discover our more primal selves. And that’s wonderful… for some. But if your version of inner peace isn’t achieved by leaving your phone behind, then you should naturally bring something that can charge your phone in the woods—and any other tech that makes sense for you.

We think the best way to camp is the way that makes you feel the most happy and at peace. Modern camping gear has made leaps and bounds when it comes to the devices we can employ to make us feel more comfortable, safe, and relaxed in the wilderness. And even those who aren’t looking to charge their phones could benefit from a high-tech camp stove or a cleverly designed headlamp. To wit, we found eight amazing tech products for camping that will only enhance your experience off the grid, so you can spend more time telling stories with friends around the fire and less time looking for new batteries for that burnt out headlamp.

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