Brain Game: If you could have one useful gadget from a fictional world, what would it be? (Round 7) – YP

Read through the responses to this week’s Brain Game prompt, and choose which answer you like most. Based on a combination of your votes and YP Editors’ picks, we will eliminate one contestant from the competition.

The Japanese cartoon character Doraemon is a robot cat from the future that has many amazing gadgets. Among them, I have always longed to have the Anywhere Door, which will take you to any place you want to go. You just need to think of the destination before opening the door, and you will be there in a flash.

Having an Anywhere Door would save a lot of time and money because I would not need to take public transport. It would be very convenient, too. I would not have to wake up so early before school any more. After I finish breakfast and change into my uniform, I would be at school instantly.

I would also share the Anywhere Door with my family and friends, so they wouldn’t be late for school or work.

In addition, I would use the device to travel around the world. In the morning, I could enjoy the sunrise at the top of Mount Fuji. At noon, I could have French cuisine facing the Eiffel Tower. And at night, I could watch the Northern Lights at the North Pole.

However, what I want most right now is to travel the world and visit all my friends who have left Hong Kong. I miss them so much. I believe they miss Hong Kong, too.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Contestant 2

The powerful ring of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, would definitely be on top of my list. The ring can do almost anything, and flying would no longer be a dream. I could fly from home to school or anywhere else, which means I could use the time I save to do something I enjoy, for example, reading or watching films.

I could also use the ring to deal with my enemies. When they hit me, I could dodge them by flying away. I would be invincible, and nobody would be able to hurt me.

What’s more, the ring would allow me to travel through wormholes in space, helping to explore areas in the universe that we know very little about. Maybe I could even collect information about different planets which would help scientists to decide the ideal place where humans can move to.

I would make good use of the ring to protect myself and others against all sorts of difficulties and help humans make progress in all aspects of life.

What would you do if you could stop time for one hour?

Contestant 3

According to newspaper reports, a 10th of the world’s population is facing hunger because of the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine war. This problem can be solved if the food replicator from the Star Trek TV series actually exists.

The replicator was originally used to provide food and water on starships,

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