Luxury Gadgets That Are Probably Worth More Than Your Car

When “Tron” hit theaters in 1982 it introduced the world to the concept of the Grid, a digital world inside of a video game inhabited by sentient programs. The film was a feast for the eyes, offering up digital delights including the now-famous light cycle.

Nearly 30 years later, in 2010, the franchise was revisited in “Tron: Legacy,” returning viewers to the Grid, this time with impressively updated graphics, not to mention a brain-melting soundtrack by Daft Punk.

The light cycle got an upgrade, along with everything else, and that inspired the creation of a real-life replica motorcycle ripped straight from the silver screen. Appropriately, the replica light cycle boasted an electric motor instead of the typical combustion engine. According to Thrillist, it was commissioned for Hammacher Schlemmer, a high-end transportation company, and went to auction in through RM Auctions, a part of Sotheby’s.

While it was expected to sell for about $40,000, the top bid came in at nearly double that, selling for a ludicrous $77,000, (via CNET). All things considered, that’s not too bad for a bike that can get you to and from work while also avoiding the nefarious clutches of Clu.

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